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Saehan Products

  • Electric Cooler SEC-2001B

    SEC gas cooler decrease dew point for preventing water condensation when gas analyzer analysis the component. Very stable gas dew point will avoid the cross-sensitivity and volumetric error.

  • NOx Converter NCV-10

    NOx Converter is the equipment which converts the Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) to Nitric Oxide (NO). The cartridge of Converter is easily replaced to Heat-Insulated tube furnace inside from the panel.

  • Flue Gas Flow / Temp meter FTV-06

    FTV-06 is easily to measure the mean value of the flow distribution within a duct or a stack. The short distance between pitot tube and pressure sensor becomes lower the cost of installation. Using the pitot tube allows the measurement of the gas flow rate at wide range of temperature from 0°C to 1,000°C and becomes few pressure loss. The purge system of pressure transmitter protects pitot tube from accumulating dust or water.

  • Data logger SHT-10016DL

    Collect data from measuring instrument and analyzer. Save and send data to host Computer on real time. If necessary, carry out operation status and calibration Function and collect measuring data by remote controlling host computer.

  • FEP SHT-10032FP

    FEP is an unique design to transmit data between each datalogger and hosting computer when more than 2 stack data should be measured in on-line.